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About Us

To Our Whoop-Ti-Doos & La-Ti-Daas Friends

This quaint eatery began with a dream my sister and her husband, Lori & Todd Hartnett, shared together after experiencing a season of great loss in their lives. They evaluated their circumstances, and decided that life is too short to not live out one’s true desires. They invested countless hours of sweat equity into the building that now houses Whoop-Ti-Doos & La Ti Daas.

Serving the Community

For three years Lori & Todd enthusiastically served the Webster City community with their signature recipes. Due to another curve on their journey, they grew to a new venture spot in life. Our family heard the news that Whoop-ti-Doos would be closing its doors unless…

The Next Exciting Chapter...

And that’s where we come into the Whoop-Ti-Doos’ story. My sister and I had talked extensively about going into business together many times but never came to any concrete conclusions. Hearing the news was a shock at first. My husband and I casually began to ponder the thought of purchasing Whoop-ti-Doos. After much prayer and consideration we began taking steps to not only continue Lori & Todd’s dream that had earned itself the frequent and favorite lunch spot for many community members, but to also add our part to the little dream establishment…the La-Ti-Daas .

Whoop-Ti-Doo & La-Ti-Daa

Today we continue with the original Whoop-Ti-Doos which includes fun, laughter, and an overflow of enthusiasm as well as amazing Panini sandwiches, flavorful wraps, fun salads, soups, and of course the signature strawberry soup!

 La-Ti-Daas additions include our dream of promoting the Iowa farming legacy and the incredible talents within the borders of the state we love! You will find Pickett Fence Ice Cream which is made on a dairy farm/creamery in Woodward, Iowa. You will also find my passion of promoting beautiful things that I refer to as the La-Ti-Daas of life. Carrying on the traditions of the great Midwestern farm wives who were their own family’s personal chefs and bakers, I create made from scratch desserts to tempt your palette! We also are excited to offer you unique retail items with our team of many gifted Iowa crafters and artisans and their incredible wears. Beyond the delectable tastes and the visionary beauty, we offer the combined Whoop-Ti- Doos & La-ti Daas atmosphere to you.

It is the legacy we have been gifted with and hope to pass on to you that includes the simple traditions of loving your neighbor as yourself, doing to others what you would have done to you, and knowing that there is an Amazing Creator behind every person and dream who we hope to honor and glorify with each day our doors are open.  

Come Enjoy!

We hope you have enjoyed your Whoop-Ti-Doos & La-Ti-Daas experience we now consider you part of our Whoop –Ti- Doos Family! 

If you have not experienced Whoop-Ti-Doos & La-Ti Daas come out and join us for lunch, dessert or to search for that unique gift item!

Life is a precious gift, enjoy each day you have been given!
-Aaron & Joy Fopma + 5 kids 
 The crew at Whoop-Ti-Doos & La-Ti Daas

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