May 2016 News

Hi everyone,

This month were going to discuss changes to our frequent shopper rewards program.

What’s that? You didn’t know we had a rewards program? Well for those of you that didn’t know here’s the Big Whoop. Purchase any meal of at least $7 10 times and get your next panini or wrap free. So, get 10 meals, get a free panini or wrap. We do this by keeping track via your cell phone number or email address. So the next time you are in, make sure to give us one of those at the time of purchase and we’ll start keeping track.

Now for the changes I mentioned.

In the past our register as notified us when a customer has earned a frequency reward, and at that time we would issue a coupon in store for the next purchase. Recently the system that keeps track of our rewards have now started generating redemption codes automatically. This is why it is even more important than ever to give us your phone number or email address for tracking. The copy of the electronic receipt you receive will also contain your reward redemption codes.

So, to reiterate, purchase meal (minimum $7), give us cell phone or email, and after 10 purchases your redemption code is automatically sent to you for your next visit.

And that’s The Big Whoop!