April 2016 News

Hi Everyone,

March was an exciting month for us. Finally, after months of planning we have T-shirts againIMG_1025 IMG_1006

All of our T-shirts come in a variety of adult sizes, both purple and green, and feature our store logo and slogan on the front with custom art on the back. Currently $20 each at the store and available soon directly the internet for the same price plus shipping.

Come in and get yours TODAY!

Also in March, for the firs time ever, or at least the first time we’ve noticed the Popeye has been dethroned as the 2nd most popular sandwich. Long standing defender of its position was sent to 4th place by the Grilled Hawaiian in the month of March. The Big Boy remains in the number one spot with the Reuben coming in third. Don’t forget to come in often and order your favorite, especially when it is the daily special.

And that’s The Big Whoop!