March 2016 News

Hi everyone.

I know I said I was going to update this every month. But the truth is nothing really exciting happened during the rest of January. Not unless you consider replacing all the water damaged ceiling tiles in the dining area exciting. February on the other had is a very different story.

First off, if you hadn’t heard, Mark and Melissa, two of the store’s partners, finally tied the knot in the middle of February. A heartfelt congratulations to both of them and special thanks to all that came from across the country to face our brutal weather to witness the event. And did I mention Whoop-ti-doos helped cater the event? (hint, hint)

For the month of February the Big Boy continues to be the most popular item on the menu, followed by Popeye’s Favorite and the Chicken Bacon Ranch. The Asian Twist is the most popular wrap. You might ask why is this information significant? Because it’s used to determine what the daily specials are going to be? What daily specials you might ask? Why the ones that appear a month in advance on the Specials Calendar of our website. Check it out and plan ahead so you can help increase the popularity of your favorite item appearing more than once in a month.

That’s all for this month but make sure to watch for next month’s post. There’s already at least one major announcement coming late this month tat you don’t want to miss.

And that’s The Big Whoop!